Learn the methods I used to raise over $10,000,000 on crowdfunding.

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Make your crowdfunding campaign a $1 Million Dollars success!

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My method has been used over and over again, with consistent awesome results.

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I will teach you the secrets I learned over multiple campaigns, raising over $10,000,000 in funding, which the top agencies are charging you over $20,000.

 Only one of these hacks will 10x your $297 investment in this method.

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What customers say about my method.

“We’ve worked with one of the best agencies and raised only $50K. Thomas launched our second campaign and he was able to raise $990,000 USD for us”

Jérome Tricault


“We were already happy to raise $257K for our first campaign for Eyelight, but a year later, we decided to use Thomas’ method  and we were blown away, we’ve raised $1.5M USD which is 5x more!”

Romain Duflot


“I'm really glad we brought Thomas on this campaign. It definitely made the difference, especially on sales in France.”

Sonny Vu

CEO of ArevoLabs

“Launching on Kickstarter requires a strong preparation and Thomas gave us all the tools we could imagine to be one of the most successful campaign of the year”

Clément Perrot


See some campaigns I helped raise over $10m with my method.

Meet your Instructor

Thomas Agarate

I took a one way flight ✈️ to San Francisco when I was 22 to realise my dream: Launch a consumer hardware product at scale 🚀
I tried to raise investor money for my GoPro stabilizer but I didn’t have any traction 😐
 I reached out to the TOP 10 crowdfunding campaign of all time to learn the best techniques and launch my first campaign 👊
Having no budget, this forced me to learn the best growth hacking tools to finally raise $500K 💰
This e-commerce startup ended up generating over $2M in the next year 🏆
I replicated all what I’ve learnt over and over in the last 2 years to raise over $10M on crowdfunding platforms 📚
I’ve created this course to explain my winning method step-by-step and help any entrepreneurs to join the millions dollars crowdfunding club 🌎.

Crowdfunding changed my life, Why not yours?

The 5 steps process I’m going to teach you how to amplify success!

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